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Prophetic Words

Political Words From The Lord

April 4, 2018

"The glory cloud will descend upon the Capitol in Washington DC. My will be done, says the Lord. The one I have lifted, will have free reign. My Nation will be My Nation. She will rise higher than she has ever risen before. My glory, my nation, my ways. For I am who I am, in the beginning, am now, and forevermore. Amen. My president, my vice president will bring forth peace and prosperity, Liberty and justice for all. Those who mock me and My president, will be ripped from power and reap the fire they have created! Repent vipers, repent! For I have spoken and it shall pass. Waters will flow; a washing of my Washington. My nation will be above all nations, hand-in-hand with My Israel. Trump and Netanyahu, Brothers in arms. Oil is their resource, setting free of My people. NO MORE; says the Lord, will My people suffer. They will be given relief; I have heard their cries! My America, My America, Rise and shine! For this day is chosen for you!"


Received by Shannon Dombroski 

April 19, 2018

"For I will roll away the stone, and a peace will come among My people. Trump will not be denied, for I have given him My thoughts, My direction, My blessing. There will be no war, for I have said; 'it is so!'. There will be eight years of hope, prosperity, love and revelation. Then there will be another Trump, and with him, a greater America. He will speak like his father, but with greater authority from heaven, for I have chosen him; I am with him! The name: "Donald Trump", will live 8x12. The young one will rise up, and walk in the footsteps of his father, to right a wrong. For Barron means; warrior of flight. The last blood right. My U.S., My wings, that my Israel lays safely upon."

Received by Shannon Dombroski

August 28, 2018

"President Trump will have his way! There will be a sea of red across the United States! My will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. No resistance, bill after bill, win after win, my United States will flourish! Ohio's election; a sea of red. New blood to right what has been stolen! Kasich, a crook! Lies upon lies! My children shall flourish, My oil washed clean, Ohio and outsource! Dewine will be the governor and red will be unopposed. Rise Ohio! Fake news will crumble! I am getting ready to clean house and shut down the liars! My billionaires will come forth and wash the filth. Satan quieted and My glory shouted!Anderson Cooper will be replaced, Rachel Maddow, mouth closed! Chuck Todd fired! Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi silenced; ripped from power! My courts replaced with those I have shown Trump to choose! Glory, Glory, Hallelujah! My country tis of thee, My land of the free, home of the brave! Shackles gone! Locks unlocked! My eagle will soar!"

Received by Shannon Dombroski

November 28, 2018

“Behold, I do a new thing. The Illuminati machine will crumble and make way for My remnant, My powerful army of warriors. Donald Trump is paving the way and bringing down the corruption, says the Lord. People are waking up and a great revival will hit. Those who have gone through life deceived will be revealed the truth and will not be able to deny My power made known behind the uncovering. Celebrities connected to child sex trafficking will be revealed. My lions will roar in the land. Righteousness will prevail over the forces of darkness. Those who have been deeply involved in occult activities will have nowhere to hide because that which has been hidden in darkness is coming to the light, says the Lord. My people will be set free from the satanic deceptions that have held them in bondage for far too long. Donald Trump was chosen for such a time as this and has been appointed by Me to bring justice and peace. The ball is rolling, and no one can stop what is coming! I have said it, and it shall come to pass, says the Lord. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”


Received by Abbey Duplaga 

May 4, 2019

“Benjamin Netanyahu will join forces with Trump to be a coalition in arms to prosper two of the greatest and blessed nations of the world. Peace and prosperity to many nations will come from the joint force and resources from these two countries. Watch and see, Beloved, watch and see!”

Received by Abbey Duplaga 

August 19, 2019

“It’s time. For great exposures of corruption are upon us. Tell My people not to fear. For the enemy’s plots, schemes, and wickedness must be exposed. I am bringing the darkness to light. For it is by My hand and My authority that all hidden will be made known. It is important in-the-midst-of the chaos and unveiling that you DO NOT lose your love. Remember beloved, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23), and each-and-every person is given an opportunity to repent and to ask for forgiveness. Always seek My heart; never make assumptions. For I will guide you into ALL truth!”

Received by Abbey Duplaga

September 19, 2019

“There’s a house of cards getting ready to fall. A foundation built on sinking sand. Those who follow Me will not perish but will have eternal life. Many lives with be taken and shaken in the days to come. Great turmoil will hit America, but people will look up. The fear of the Lord will return to this great Nation. For many will receive penalties and prosecution in the days ahead. Corruption that will shock America. America, America, home of the free. My Spirit hovers. Justice will be served.”

Received by Abbey Duplaga

December 19, 2019

“For I says the Lord, victory! America will see victory in the days to come. The well-oiled communist and socialist machine is breaking down. Great exposures are coming forth from which they will not recover. Four more years, my chosen president will reign. For the results of the next election will be a win by a landslide. Out from the trenches, my army will rise and take ground for My kingdom. Stand guard, on watch, as events begin to unfold, for my beloved will need hope when their false idols fall. For this will surely happen. For I said it, and it is so! Benches of judges filling quickly as planned, for justice is looming, and no evil will stand!”

Received by Abbey Duplaga

March 4, 2022


As I was in prayer on the evening of March 4th, the word of the Lord came upon me and I began to hear:


“TRUMP, NETENYAHU, PUTIN…Triangular force…”


Then I began to hear the words from the United States National Anthem;


“And the rockets red glare,

The bombs bursting in air

Gave proof through the night,

That our FLAG was still there…”


Then the Lord began to release these words:


“For I the LORD GOD have put together a force that no man can separate! They cannot tear down the three that I have put together, for what I have in store will confound the wise. Let it be known that I, the Lord God, have ordained a coalition of brilliant leaders to move the chess pieces of the worldly game into a heavenly “check mate”.


Not all that you see is true to the human eye. Look higher, my beloved, for the plans of heaven are bringing a global WAKE-UP call. The move of the ‘WOKE JOKE” Machine has run out of OIL. It has run out of gas, for the funds of the wicked run dry! AWAKEN, AWAKEN, my beloved, and be blessed this day, for freedom rings as the white dove sings and the Spirit shall reign again!


Putin is the powerhouse as I throw the “Trump” card on the plans of the wicked.  Much will be revealed in the months to come. (As I was in prayer, I saw in the spirit it was between April-June). Netanyahu will re-emerge as a victor! I have sent him underground to expose all that is hidden. 


The military forces of Russia, Israel and the United States have come together to war for what is righteous! A rumbling will be felt, and a shot will ring throughout the world. Be ready for movement. Be ready my child, for much is coming. Take heed to this warning of preparation; the kick back is coming, but the enemy will not succeed!


Pray for the countries of Europe. Pray for the countries in Asia, for the beast will not want to be tamed. It will wriggle, spit fire, and tear down in its last attempt to live, but I, the Lord God, shall cut off all life from this beast and my chosen countries shall arise and shine! The prosperity and peace that I have spoken of shall come to pass and the world shall rejoice.”


As I sat in prayer, I felt the Lord leading me to the U.S. stock market. I sensed the Lord saying that the stock market will look like it will crash as in the 1920’s, but it will not happen.  It will be very close, but it won’t crash. There will be no depression or recession, but a miraculous rebound. Then I heard the word of the Lord; “The wicked will be laid up for the righteous.”


I see Netanyahu as rising from the ash to raise Israel. Beauty from ashes, militarily, financially, medically…signs, miracles and wonders.  I hear in the spirit; “The coalition will bring peace.”  I see a new trading map. This is part of a treaty; an agreement for territory. This is reciprocal, for a time.  I hear: “Super Powers”, but power belongs to the LORD. I see a “golden flow” like you see on weather maps for pressure systems. This flows between Israel, Russia and the U.S. I sense that the U.S. will rise economically to subdue manipulation in the world market. 


  • I see a bankrupt military system in China. 

  • North Korea bows down, giving up nuclear control to the U.S.

  • The monarchy of England will be turned over to a democratic system. The Queen of England is the last of the monarchy and titles will be stripped.

  • I hear “Iceland, watch for Iceland”...Polar caps…Increase…bringing the increase!”.

  • “Gold Rush” There is a California Gold rush more lucrative than the original. A spiritual gold rush to wash the city of dark angels clean. REVIVAL STATEWIDE!

  • North to South, a spiritual civil war! The North shall overcome the south with the east wind. I see the wind coming from the east coast of the United States to the west. 


**As I began to look into this in history, I looked up the old National Rd, Route 40, that in 1926, went from Atlantic City, New Jersey to San Francisco, California. I believe a pioneering movement, cutting through the wilderness, is bringing a new gateway to the west of spiritual prosperity and understanding. From the Atlantic City “lighthouse” to the Golden Gate Bridge, the LORD is cleansing, teaching us to not lean on our own understanding, and that HE is the one making the paths straight. Will we follow? I believe the Lord is giving us hope of change, hope of peace, and hope of the confusion being torn down, so we start living in the generations of clarity and spiritual kingdom!

Received by Shannon Dombroski

 Words From The Lord For The Church

January 21, 2019 & January 29, 2019

A Letter to the Deaf Generation

“Look behind you, do you not know I stand here waiting? Do you not know that your Father loves you? You, who have turned your backs, you who have shut your ears to Me, you who walk with the blinders of self righteousness!

Do not fall to the lies of the wicked, for their words are like filthy rags, tattered, soiled, weak and ready for the fire!

Do not fall to those who have the tongue of a charmer! Like a flute to a snake, waving back and forth, do not be swayed by what sounds good to your ears; for these sounds deafen your ears to my voice!

Do not be fooled by what you see with your eyes, for what is in front of you is deception! Walk in faith, through the Spirit, for that which is glorious, cannot be seen with your eyes.

Woe to the leaders who do not stand on My Word! Woe to those, who water down all that I have written, words of reproof and protection! Woe to those who cower to man's traditions to keep peace among their congregation. Do you not know you hurt My church? Do you not know you lead My sheep down a path of destruction?

Where are My leaders who stand on the truth of My Word? Where are those who take My words to the depths of their bowels? Do you not know that those who are in charge of My sheep will be held accountable for the teachings that come from their mouths?

You who call upon the name of the Lord are loved, honored and protected. You who love the Lord, and revere My Word are blessed among many!

For it is not the man with ears that do not hear, nor eyes that do not see, that inherit the kingdom of Heaven; but men with ears that hear and hearts that respond to the call of the Lord, that will bask in the glory of My kingdom.

My children, My Beloved, turn from your wicked ways, call upon the name of Jesus Christ, pick up your cross and follow My ways, so you may live with me in the place I prepared for you from the beginning of time!

This is the word of the Lord! AMEN!"


Received by Shannon Dombroski

February 26, 2019

“For I am sovereign and powerful and new realms of My glory will touch the earth unlike ever before. My kingdom come, My will be done, on earth as it is in heaven! Tell My people to watch, for I am doing a new thing. It’s a changing of the guard; a new era. Signs, wonders, and miracles will be the new normal for My people. Get ready! Watch and see, My beloved! Watch and see! Days of Elijah. Fire from heaven to ignite believers and unbelievers, alike. Revival, says the Lord. Great signs, wonders, and miracles in the earth to stun the masses and saturate the earth with My glory!”


Received by Abbey Duplaga

August 20, 2019

“For the last shall be first and the first shall be last. I’m tearing down walls, systems, and corruption in high places. Make straight the way of the Lord! For I am coming as an all-consuming fire. My fire to fall upon a Nation of sleepers. My Country is spiritually asleep. A great shaking is coming to the church. My church will not be led by those who honor me with their lips but have hearts that are far from Me. No, My church will be reformed, reshaped, remolded through My leadership by My Spirit and filled with My glory. For the glory of God has come and only the pure in heart will be able to stand up under it. Purify your hearts. Make ready My bride. For I am coming for a spotless and ready bride. For you are a chosen people; a royal priesthood. Discernment in these times is vitally important. Discernment is gained through spending time with Me in My Word and in My presence. You must know the truth to discern the lies. A little yeast spreads through the whole batch of dough.”

Received by Abbey Duplaga

September 2, 2019

“Like with the Apostle Paul, rebuke is being sent out to the church. I am bringing My people into the truth and drawing them into Myself; back to the place of encounter with Me, back to My presence, back into communion, and back into worship. Those who once resisted Me will embrace Me unlike they have never before. Lives will be transformed through My power and love. The harvest is approaching, and reaping is upon the horizon, says the Lord. For you will see a shift in focus, a shift to Me, a shift to purpose! A new era is upon us.”

Received by Abbey Duplaga

September 9, 2019

“For I says the Lord, for too long, my nation has been under attack, charmed, and robbed of all I have for it!  The United States of America was established by Me. A strong tower, made to influence the world and bring my beloved the Krist; the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! 

Abomination has swept the corridors, the hidden passages, and secret rooms. But, I the Lord says, ALL WILL BE STOPPED! For all of the desolation will be restored. For I will build a highway of peace and prosperity. My people will flourish! 

Those who call upon the name of the Lord, who humble themselves, who give up ALL worldly possessions and human thoughts, will receive the just reward I have planned for them since the beginning of time. No more shall the shadows of evil blind my beloved. Make way, for the light of the world is at hand! 

There will be a rising of my prophets. Will you head the call? Will your ears be opened to My voice that speaks truth? Will your eyes be open to all that I will reveal? Are your hearts ready for the truth that will set you free? 

For I did not sent My only Son to die for your transgressions to be mocked, twisted, forgotten, or rebuked! He is the light of the world and no one may enter the kingdom of heaven without knowing, receiving, and following Him as their Lord and Savior! 

To all of you who are weary and need rest, your rest and recompense is here! No more will you live in the desert land, but your inheritance of the promise land is here! Are you ready to enter? For I have much planned for you. There is much celebration at hand.  Let your joy be complete! 

For those who mock and slander President Trump, take heed of this warning; DO NOT TOUCH MY ANOINTED! Did I not once raise a king who did not recognize Me and place him in power to change a nation? Did I not grant him access to raise a nation and return and uphold a right to rebuild a city;  a nation? What was once done to reestablish a wall; a fortress to protect a city and a nation, for I says the Lord, I am doing this again! This time, I have risen Trump to establish strong walls of integrity, prosperity, and honor. He, my chosen patriot, to raise a nation from the depths of fire to rise on eagles wings and soar for generations to come!  This is My word and it shall be established. 

For the plans I have for the United States of America, homes will be united, fathers will turn to sons and sons to their fathers! Husbands and wives will unite and establish strong families for generations to come. Men and women will build businesses as an inheritance to their families! Once again, My people will be free and not work or slave for a man who is not honorable. I will increase and clarify communication in families, workplaces, schools, and the government.  No more will My people be stuck in 'babel', but, have ears that are quick to discern lies from truth!  

For My church, no more will I accept the lies of man's doctrine! It is now time to return to your first love. For you My church, do not lean on your own understanding, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. You have gone astray, and like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, your foundation has been built on sinking sand. Come back to the plumb line and build your hearts, your mind, wisdom, and understanding on the One truth, the solid foundation, with the cornerstone, who is the builder of all faith, Jesus Christ.  My beloved, do not fall for the wiles of the devil, for he is cunning, deceitful, sly, and foul! There is only ONE God and that is I AM! For I AM the Alpha and Omega, I AM the beginning and the end, I AM the One who formed the heavens and the earth. I AM the One who sent you My One and only Son. For this reason, those who have chosen to turn away from their sin, picked up their cross to follow Me, will receive their just reward of eternal life in paradise. 

For those who worship idols, multiple gods, false doctrine, or worldly ways, I come with a command, repent and turn from your wicked ways, and surely as loving Father, I will forgive you of your sins. You who were led and walked away, you will be forgiven of all iniquity.  Call upon the name of Jesus Christ, repent of your sins, ask for forgiveness, recognize and speak HIM as the Lord of your life, and you will have everlasting life with Me in heaven. 

For pastors, teachers, and evangelists, take heed to this warning, do not stifle the voices of My apostles and prphets!  For they have been sent to speak My mysteries and truth to build and edify My church. For these, they will help to build ne life and new light inside church building walls. For My church buildings have become places of deep sleep! WAKE UP CHURCH, for I do a new thing! 

Be careful not to fall for the spirit of religion. Do you not recognize that which is familiar to the Pharisees and Sadducees of old? My prophets and apostles are being risen to bring My church back to their first love. Expect signs, miracles, and wonders! Expect that My fire will once again inhabit My chosen few who are completely submitted to the call and purpose I have on their lives! Let NO ONE scoff or mock My sent ones. For like the apostles of old, they will break out of every chain of bondage you try to put on them. THEY WILL RISE, for I have said it, and it is so!

For those who submit to that which I am doing, prepare for My blessing is coming upon your church, your church leadership, ministries, and you as the leaders of the flock. Submit to that which I have planned, and your joy will be complete. 

For the glory of the Lord is descending for a time. In this season, you will plant and reap a ripe harvest.  Time is short, and the window in which I am extending will not stay for long. During this time, there will be peace, prosperity, and exhortation. At the appointed time, I will lift My glory. 

(Extension of this word from the Lord Received on September 20, 2019)

For now is the time to refine and burn off the dross.  Sanctify all that I ask of you. For this will not be easy, but are you willing to submit, surrender, and humble yourself before Me? 

(Extension of this word from the Lord Received on October 2, 2019)

For no church will prosper out of rebellion, says the Lord. I say it again, no church will prosper out of rebellion. Full submission and humility is required for the time I have extended toward you. Take heed, for now is the time to fully surrender to the direction in which I, the Lord, have established in this season. 

All you have know, all you have believed is just a portion of the wisdom and knowledge I will pour out in this season. Are you willing to throw our your old wineskin for the new I have for you? Are you willing to surrender all your thoughts and all your expectations to allow Me to fill your cup and overflow with blessings? Only humble hearts, hearts that like children, can receive all that I have for you. Will you keep me in the box you have designed for Me, or will you, like an obedient child, trust Me and allow Me to love and speak to you My mysteries?  Only those who have ears to hear and eyes to see in this season will be used for My glory! This is My last call, My last bit of grace extended to My church to plant and reap a harvest. 

For I says the Lord, am coming soon, and with Me, a new heaven and a new earth. My people will live in peace! In this season, I will be speaking many mysteries, giving many new strategies to equip and prosper My beloved. All that was dry will become fruitful. 

Received by Shannon Dombroski

September 11, 2019

“My daughter, My heart is grieved that many are falling into partial truths and half-truths, or misconceptions of who I AM. Many deny My deity and consider me a master or a deceased prophet of old, but I am very much alive. Many are falling prey to religion, control, twisted truths, and manipulation of scripture. For I reveal all truth, and it is by My Spirit that My sheep hear My voice and follow Me. The Kingdom of Heaven is not taught by man because it is not of this world. I do not require what man requires, and I choose to use the least likely to carry out My plans. A walk with Me requires obedience, surrender, and faith. Many of My children are caught in slander, division, and dissension. They are missing Me; they do not truly know Me. They cannot discern the truth from a lie and are creating more heartache and confusion.”

Received by Abbey Duplaga

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