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Daughters Of God

Shannon Dombroski

Shannon is a dedicated wife, and mother of three children. A rising apostolic and prophetic voice, she loves to disciple others in the truth of the gospel and the power of the Holy Spirit. 

In the fall of 2017, she had a life-changing encounter with the Holy Spirit, and has since been on fire for Jesus Christ. In her walk with the Lord, he spoke to her heart about a table full of women, and in July of 2018, Rise and Set Ministries was born. 

Being an intercessor and worshipper for the Lord, with her sisters; she is a sent vessel for deliverance and healing, holding fast to Mark 16:17-18 and the great commission. 

In her life, she has had an entrepreneurial heart, and had built several businesses to coach and train others up in the skills necessary for those businesses. Now, with the Lord's hand upon her, He has shown her, through obedience, His love and His strength, to do the same for the kingdom of Heaven.  

To her, there is nothing more exciting than seeing the renewing and transformative power of Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit, in the lives of those the Father brings to her. As a warrior for the Lord, seeing His beloved slay their Goliaths, and transfigure into a new creation in Him, keeps the fire of the Lord burning in her, for all to see. 

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For as long as she can remember, Bethany had wanted to be a wife, mother and gymnastics coach. As God directed her path, the desires He placed in her heart came to fruition. Bethany is a Pastor’s wife, mother of 4 children and coaches gymnastics at a local school. 


Although she had a significant upbringing in the church and in the Word of the Lord, the Bible came to life in July 2018. Through this, God broke her free from systems that were holding her back and enabled her to walk in the ways the Lord is calling her to. She is a worshiper and a pillar of faith. Her steadfast obedience empowers her to walk, move, and speak with a peace and reliability that affects others.

Bethany White

Abbey is an emerging prophetic voice who has a hunger and passion for teaching and releasing the Father's heart. She was radically saved, delivered, and baptized in the Holy Spirit in August 2017.


Abbey worked as a certified public accounting consultant for nearly a decade until she was redirected, by following the leading of the Lord, to serve in full-time ministry and lay down the life she knew. She is the author of a children’s book series, Ambitious Abbey, which teaches children character building life skills. The third book of the series was recently released and published in September 2022 with more to follow.  Abbey is not married and is prayerfully waiting on her God-given mate.

Abbey Duplaga
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Jen Causey
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Tricia Amie
Melanie Roskovich

Even as a young girl Jennifer was that person even strangers would stop and tell their life stories to. Having a true passion for helping people work through their problems, it wasn’t until July of 2018 that the impact of what she has been called to began to take on a deeper meaning. 


She is a devoted wife, mother of 3 beautiful children, and a labor and delivery nurse by trade. Jennifer has had the gift of building instant bonds with couples bringing new life into the world for the past 20 years. Her passion for helping others has now broken the barrier from the physical realm and has merged into the spiritual. Through intercession for others, and healing and deliverance prayer, she has truly seen her calling come to life as the captives are set free and more souls are won for the kingdom of God.

Tricia is a colorful, playful, and passionate worshipper of the Lord Jesus Christ. Wife and mother of three growing young men, as well as a full-time intervention specialist in the public school sector, she understands what it means to crave and devote time away in the secret place amidst the busyness of life.


Tricia’s passions are loving on her own kids, as well as children with special needs, as part of her ministry. In addition, she loves being a worship leader in her local church body and has done so for well over a decade. Her heart is to see sons and daughters of God break out of the box of familiarity and pursue the Lord with a consuming zeal and passion like that of King David.

Melanie is an obedient, spirit-filled servant of the Lord. She is a market-place apostle. Whatever God asks of her, she says YES, no matter what it looks like. The joy of the Lord radiates in her and through her as she steps out speaking His truth. She loves being His hands and feet.

Throughout many tragedies in her life, the enemy has tried to snuff out her light; however, she is a Bible believing, Christ authority speaking, demon smashing warrior princess of the Lord. Through any circumstance, she lifts her voice in worship, dances before Him, and falls at His feet. Her faith and love in our Lord and Savior continues to raise her up in every situation with her light shining even brighter than before.

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